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I confess, asking me ‘What do you do?’, usually elicits a 5-minute response. It’s not what people generally expect…

I’m a change maker. A millennial with a portfolio career of projects, skills and experience that makes me unique – and interesting. It’s this uniqueness that I love to bring into the experiences I have with others.

I’m usually referred to as a consultant and writer: two words people generally understand.

I’m fortunate to work with clients, businesses, and organizations all around the world. These cross global ways of working, fuels my creative side.  I’m inspired by a sense of purpose: creating impact and changing the lives of people. There’s nothing more rewarding for me, than empowering others.

I usually categorize my projects into workplaces, people and creative.

For workplaces, I help them understand their business and people. I’m passionate about working with senior leaders and their teams to identify the untapped potential of millennials. For millennials, I’m passionate about helping this generation better understand themselves in the context of the world.  For readers, I’m passionate about connecting through story.

I have an honest, fun, yet ‘to the point’ approach with my work.  My ‘why’ is centered around awareness and unity. I like to challenge mindset to shift perspective and inspire excellence – but focus on collaboration and partnership.

My core values keep me honest, which is why I use them to guide who I work or partner with. A little nontraditional some might think - but that’s me.

Short story, but simple. Feel free to reach out for the longer version.


what clients say

"Jacqueline Cripps is an original. From the moment I read her first book, I knew she had her own style, voice and literary rhythm. I have since asked her to write, edit and ghostwrite for the publishing companies I work with. She has a modern-day edge to her writing and stays in touch with the current industry trends. I have no doubt she’ll be a serial author and deliver book after book after book. A rare, unstoppable and original gem for any traditional publishing house"

Natalie Deane

Former owner of Barker Deane Publishing and Editor-in-Chief of Dean Publishing.

"Jacqueline Cripps, published Author and Speaker is our go-to Consultant / Coach when thinking about workplace change.  Jacqueline has the ability to both educate and engage and can tackle topics which are often viewed as challenging yet essential, including the understanding and management of generational diversity.  Our business and clients found her to be most engaging, offering a thought-provoking session which enabled delegates to feel empowered to connect with people more meaningfully across the varying generations of people we work alongside."

Adele Evans

Director, Larbey Evans (Legal Recruitment Consultancy)

"I am forever grateful for Jacqueline’s contribution to my book #Masterpiece. Her gift is to make novice writers feel safe in an unfamiliar world. She helped me turn the rough manuscript into something that eventually became an international bestseller. Jacqueline was there at every step to offer encouragement and expert advice. But most of all, she makes magic happen - the book was ready within three months and submitted to twenty publishers in a matter of weeks."

Alexander Inchbald

Extreme Artist, Bestselling Author & Founder of Masterpiece Movement

what can i do for you?​

Business Consulting

Connecting is easy. First, I’ll set up an obligation free call so I can evaluate the situation of your organisation. People are people, therefore each organisation has its own strengths and weaknesses. From there I’ll give you tips and advice that can be applied immediately. I’ll also provide additional service recommendations on how we can continue our partnership together.


Speaking Engagements

As an authority figure on millennials my speaking engagements are focused on educating and business owners,  C-Level executives and HR executives to understand the millennial generational. From their unique values system and skills, to best practice management, retention or recruitment, my engagements aim to empower. Being an excellent communicator allows me to break through to the audience and truly inspire others.  I’ve spoken at conferences exclusive as a handful of people and audiences that could fill a stadium. My speaking portfolio also includes appearing in the media: TV, podcasts interviews and global publications.


Writing Services

There’s power in great writing. And as a medium for creating impact, I get it. I’m regularly working with publications and organisations on writing articles on issues that matter.


Ready to Work Together?

Schedule a time to speak with me and learn how I can be a great asset to your team.

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