so who is jacqueline?

Have you realised that workplace dynamics are changing? It’s a fact. For the first time in history, the world is approaching an era where four distinct generations of employees will be working together – and that has lead to a lot of generational differences (obviously!)

Jacqueline Cripps has years of experience researching workplace dynamics and specifically the millennial generation and what the disconnects are as well as the stereotypes that follow the tech-savvy generation. She truly is passionate about working with executives and their teams to identify the untapped potential of millennials in the workforce and how to leverage existing skills and knowledge; making it work in favor of the employer.

Jacqueline is an Aussie born native currently calling London her home and her true passion in life is helping people unlock their higher level of self and truly transforming their life – we only get one try at this world! She empowers others through her writing and speaking opportunities, whether it be business workshops or mentoring.

As an author, Jacqueline has gone through her own hardships and simply looks to empower, inspire, and transform the lives of others through her writing. Her professional experiences have afforded her extensive experience in research, investigations, report and brief writing, peer review and editing. She has completed writing courses through the Australian Writers Centre and the Australian Government.

With such a strong passion for writing, Jacqueline additionally takes on freelance editing, writing, and author coaching – simply because she is just that passionate about writing. She welcomes any invitation to collaborate on articles or when sources are needed in publications.

"we don't know what we don't know. Individuals or organisations alike, identifying issues and creating awareness is critical for growing.”