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Millennials in the Workplace: Millennials speak up about the workplace

The ‘speak our mind’ mentality is a refreshing trait that Millennials have. Admittedly, it’s been interpreted by many a gen as a need to be right, or a sign of disrespect – but the reality is, speaking our truth in terms of our values, wants and opinions is what the world needs more of: honesty […]

Millennials in the workplace: Career & Expectations

Employee engagement: The questions you need to be asking as a business owner Workplace dynamics are changing. For the first time in history we have approached an era where four distinct generations of employees are working together. The good news is, as a business owner this creates a wealth of opportunity – if you get […]

Managing remote teams: Four ways to build trust

Over the last year, organisations have been given a chance to review corporate life and the traditional values of the workplace.  While arguably this has resulted in positive changes, it hasn’t been easy.  The shift to remote working and adoption of flexible practices has demanded adjustment to ways of working. This also includes management. Effective […]

The ‘Parent Inn’​: A fallback for Millennials

If given the choice, most people would probably err on wanting to own their own home – not just for the perceived security that comes with home ownership, or the investment potential, but because it provides us with a home: something we can call ours. When it comes to Millennials however, the renting versus ownership […]

Millennials: Changing Our Everyday

As a generation, millennials – with their progressive mindset – are leaving an impact in today’s world. This recent article illustrates this point and acknowledges the key things that millennials are changing as a result of lifestyle choices and spending habits. To summarise, these include: Eating Out – As a health conscious and time conscious generation, millennials […]

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