Smashed Avocado and the Quarter-Life Crisis

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Prologue. I’m Too Young to Be Having a Crisis. WTF?!

Up to 86 percent of millennials suffer from a quarter-life crisis: a kick in the arse anxiety complex. Is that you? Could that be you? This prologue sets the scene – giving a short, sharp, to-the-point snapshot of what this all means and where you’re currently at. Friend or foe to the QLC, it’s important to know.

Chapter 1. Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe: Handpicked for This Life as a Millennial

Ever wondered what it means to be a millennial? Curious to know what the deal is with generations, or why they even exist? Ever thought about the differences between others from an ‘age’ view and how this impacts our behaviour – and expectations – toward others? This chapter shows you why it’s important to know and why it is kind of a big deal to wrap our head around. More importantly, the chapter highlights the general traits and characteristics of millennials that make us such a fabulous bunch.

Chapter 2. Mum, Dad, Really? Where Was the Warning About the Real World?

Let’s face it. Most of us millennials grew up in a house where parenting involvement was OTT and where trophy and prize-winning values became the norm. The result? A set up for failure to say the least. The real world pulled the covers from our eyes, showing us a land significantly different to ‘the norm’: a no frills, no bubble wrap, no glitz or glamour land of contrast. Ouch.

Chapter 3. WTF Happened with the World? Millennial Challenges Re-Defined.

Rising debt, financial pressures, lack of job security, rental crisis, home ownership dreams demising… yep, it’s a tough time for millennials. Ever thought about why? Or when the world is going to stop throwing curve balls? If it ever will? This chapter will get you educated on these challenges, including the ‘why’ – not just to create more awareness (because Google can do that in split second for us) but to give you the power of choice and dare I say, freedom. Yep, freedom to kick arse despite the challenges.

Chapter 4. Pick Me! Pick Me! Instant Gratification Syndrome Exposed

Auditions aside, we both know that there’s a part of you crying out for attention. Consider it a residual offset of the reward conditioning from childhood, now fuelled by the impacts of technology and social media. Whether we want to admit it or not, the hold that society has over us, is a little too tight. Think false ideals, expectations, pressure – which are exacerbated tenfold by social media and our phones. Have you fallen into the trap of the ‘highlight reel of life’; the let-me-both-obsessively-post-or-tweet-and-compare-myself-to others-to-feel-good (or not so good)? Or what about the need-a-response-now-otherwise-I-turn-into-an-anxious-mess mentality? Don’t worry, there’s hope. This chapter will throw you a life raft and drag you to the safe shores of sanity.

Chapter 5. Hi, I’m a Millennial and I’m a Stressaholic

Did you know millennials have the highest rates of mental health issues? Yep, it’s alarming. Not just for us on a wellbeing level but think of all the billions of dollars being thrown at health care services and the pharmaceutical industry that we could be keeping in our back pocket! Anxiety, depression, suicide and body image issues are the top contenders in our lives; not to mention ‘duck syndrome’ – a syndrome unique to our generation. It’s not surprising when you look at the world though, right? It’s not quite Disneyland. However, whatever ride you’re currently on, know that there are options. The first, is understanding why – and this chapter will be your guide.

Chapter 6. No, I Don’t Love You Long Time: Redefining the Workplace

Whether you love or loathe your job, we’ve all had shit to deal with in the workplace. Boss riding you, awkward conversations with colleagues, days of wanting to say, ‘Fuck off’ and quit. But unless you’ve won the lottery or have managed to find an oil field in your backyard, the likelihood of working and interacting with people in a ‘workplace’, is kind of a must.

Did you know that along with our generational traits, we also have working preferences and values that aren’t like everyone else? Yep, we don’t do once upon a time; we do new. But most workplaces don’t know that – which is why we suffer in silence, feeling disconnected with our workplaces and those people in it. But don’t despair! This chapter explores the ins-and-outs of workplace dynamics, including why we’re fabulous employees to have, giving you the ‘one up’ on your boss.

Chapter 7. Can I Really Be Me? Breaking Free from the Chains of Society

Ever found yourself suddenly donning a Freddie Mercury impersonation and bellowing out the classic, ‘I want to break free’? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Dealing with life is hard enough as it is, let alone having society breathing down our neck, causing that uncomfortable hot-under-the-collar sensation. But, grab your ice cubes, because it is possible to do. That is, living the life you want rather than what everyone else expects you to do. This chapter will show you how: how you can throw caution to the wind, give society the finger and life the life you want. A life for you.


  • Lila Schneider

    This was a great read that truly broke down the connotations around the millennial generation in a fun way. The author did a wonderful job of explaining different perspectives and humor/ wit is always appreciated in a book!

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