#WTF is happening with my life?

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Chapter 1. An absent childhood

Personal integrity MIA? Don’t know what it is? This chapter talks to this point: how to develop this quality that a) you don’t know exists or b) has been suffocated to death due to umpteen reasons… like having a dysfunctional childhood, self-absorbed parents and developing behaviours and values that are just… well, bullsh*t. The spiritual theme kicks off – including your journey of self discovery and empowerment.

Chapter 2. Family: A sometimes unfortunate situation.

Family. Tired of asking ‘Who the f*uck are these people?’ Tired of the ongoing drama? Don’t know where you fit? Or how? This chapter talks about family and how to accept – by examining and sifting through the BS of family dynamics and relationships. An absent father, abusive brother and parents who couldn’t give less than a sh*t, make for great discussion.

Chapter 3. To starve or not to starve: Diaries of a teenage anorexic who became a depressed adult

Self-love and self-acceptance need a pick me up? Have secret behaviour that isn’t good for you? Need to confront your demons? This chapter explores the internal struggles we can face and how to tackle these head on. The ins and outs of a decade long eating disorder, including a battle with depression, are explored.

Chapter 4. Dating and relationships: Horror, humour and more horror

Kissing enough frogs to consider yourself an amphibian? Conducting real life auditions for a role in He’s just not that into you? Tired of the same patterns of dating or relationships? This chapter puts the spot light on self-respect, self-love and dignity: teaching you how to own your own worth – whether you’re single or attached. The mind f*ck of unhealthy relationships, including abuse, is put under the microscope.

Chapter 5. Overqualified, over studied and unsatisfied: Memoirs of a constant achiever

Who am I again? Feeling lost? Confused? Up sh*t creek and no paddle? This chapter looks at identity: working out who the hell you are and finding happiness within. Why? Because if a self-confessed perfectionist, over achiever and control freak can do it, anyone can.

Chapter 6. But it’s what I should be doing right? Drowning in uncertainty

Feeling the strain of life pressure? Society’s BS getting under your skin? Torn between what you feel you should do versus what you want to do? This chapter cuts through the crap of pressures, expectations, ideals and ego: teaching you how to live a life of truth to yourself.

Chapter 7. Connected or disconnected? Harbouring social media

Thumbs exhausted from liking and posting? Screaming out to feel connected? Miss the days of a face to face conversation? Social media is put under the lens; in particular, the impacts to Gen Y. Good, bad and just plain ugly, this chapter teaches you how to remain connected with yourself, in a social media world of 1.5 billion.

Chapter 8. Exploring spiritual development: The ongoing journey of self-discovery    

So now what? Where to from here? A final, note-to-self chapter on the importance of our spiritual journey and how to move forward with confidence and power.


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  • Kerry West

    I have read many self-help books over the years and positive mental attitude books, but never got to the nitty gritty of looking into myself. [The book] inspired me… to sort through things and try and find answers. Thanks so much.

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