Here at Jacqueline Cripps Limited, I offer online coaching as well as in-person coaching (aka RL for you millennials out there). Whatever challenges it may be that you’re facing in life right now, whether it be personal relationships or professional relationships, struggling from paycheck to paycheck, or simply working on achieving a better quality of life, I’m here to help support you and hold you accountable.

Believe it or not, I too am a millennial. *gasp* Between mixed messages, pressures, societal expectations – how the F can we navigate this world? I will help you better understand yourself and teach you how to live a life you actually want, not one you “think you need to live”. While working with clients one-on-one, I truly look to open up new perspectives for them, unlocking their inner superpowers and understanding the ways of the world and how to maneuver it. Whether it’s personal or business related, we are the center of our own lives; we need to not only understand this but also invest and focus on personal self-growth.

Business Workshops

How do my business workshops work? First we’ll coordinate a time to speak so I can evaluate the situation of your current organisation; the business workshops we put on through Jacqueline Cripps Limited are completely customised to your workforce team. People are people, therefore each organisation has its own strengths and weaknesses. Once I’ve gathered enough information to curate a workshop, we will review the information and schedule a time around your team’s schedule where we can come in and put the workshop on. 

Speaking Engagements

The world around us is changing. Workplace dynamics are changing. My speaking engagements are focused around personal growth and/ or generational differences, in particular around the millennial generation. We need to learn how to leverage existing skills and enhance productivity within ourselves as well as the workforce. Quite simply, they go hand-in-hand.

Being an excellent communicator allows me to breakthrough to the audience and truly inspire others in ways they never thought were imaginable. I’ve spoken at conferences exclusive as a handful of people and audiences that could fill a stadium.

Writing Services

Through life’s experiences, I’ve found writing to not only be therapeutic, but as well as a resource for others. Personally, I’ve learnt the most through my own hardships and I look to empower others through my own experiences. I also realise that we each have a unique story to tell, which is why I also support and coach aspiring authors.