Hi I’m Jacqueline, Founder of Jacqueline Cripps Limited.
I focus on helping people reach their best level of self.

How I Help People

While I’m not into labels, I’m often referred to as an author, speaker, and mentor. Working nationally and internationally, I work with business owners and organisations to strengthen their existing teams by analysing the generational differences in the environment so team members can work together more seamlessly – overall strengthening the business’s overall bottom-line.




Here at Jacqueline Cripps Limited, I offer online coaching as well as in-person coaching. Whatever challenges it may be that you’re facing in life right now, whether it be personal relationships or professional relationships, struggling from paycheck to paycheck, or simply working on achieving a better quality of life, I’m here to help support you and hold you accountable.

Business Workshops

With years of extensive research on generational differences, I’ve learned the key to success is understanding the stereotypes of each generation in order to make them cohesively seamless in the workforce. My workshops are geared towards the specific problems in which I’m speaking at. A stronger office morale correlates to happier employees, happier employees means a better work ethic, a better work ethic contributes to the businesses overall bottom-line.

Speaking Engagements

The world around us is changing. Workplace dynamics are changing. My speaking engagements are focused around personal growth and/ or generational differences around the millennial generation. We need to learn how to leverage existing skills and enhance productivity within ourselves as well as the workforce. Quite simply, they go hand-in-hand.

Writing Services

Through life's experiences, I've found writing to not only be therapeutic, but as well as a resource for others. Personally, I’ve learnt the most through my own hardships and I look to empower others through my own experiences. I also realize that we each have a unique story to tell, which is why I also support and coach aspiring authors.

my books.