I’m Jacqueline. I write. I speak. I help organisations unlock the potential of their millennial workforce.

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business consulting

How people behave in the workplace, how they interact and how they are lead has a direct impact on business performance.
To build high-performing cultures we need to learn how to leverage existing skills and enhance productivity within ourselves as well as the workforce. My consultancy services are geared around problem identification, strategy and solutions.

speaking engagements

As an authority figure on millennials my speaking engagements are focused on educating business owners, C-Level executives and HR executives to understand the millennial generation. From their unique values system and skills, to best practice management, training, retention or recruitment, my engagements aim to empower.

writing services

I love the written word. I also understand the power of writing and how, if done well, it can create incredible impact. Which is why I write for various publications and offer insights to educate audiences.

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"Jacqueline Cripps is an original. From the moment I read her first book, I knew she had her own style, voice and literary rhythm. I have since asked her to write, edit and ghostwrite for the publishing companies I work with. She has a modern-day edge to her writing and stays in touch with the current industry trends. I have no doubt she’ll be a serial author and deliver book after book after book. A rare, unstoppable and original gem for any traditional publishing house."

- Natalie Deane, Former owner of Barker Deane Publishing and Editor-in-Chief of Dean Publishing.

my bio

Jacqueline is an author, speaker and management consultant.  As a ‘millennial translator’ she educates business owners, C-Level executives, and HR executives on the millennial generation, so workplaces can flourish. She has presented keynotes across Australia, Europe and the UK, appeared on numerous podcast and YouTube interviews and published articles in Australian, Chinese and UK publications.

In 2017, Jacqueline published her debut book  #WTF is happening with my life? A guide to getting your sh*t together. The book provides clear-cut guidance for women on how to shift perspective, become empowered and change their lives.  In 2019, Jacqueline published Smashed Avocado and the Quarter Life Crisis: A Millennial Survival Guide. This book discusses the contemporary issues faced by millennials, offering guidance to readers on how to navigate their lives.

Jacqueline is also the co-creator of a podcast series (Covid-19 on Toast), which born in response to the global pandemic and the need to support millennials.

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